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Wingfield’s Progress – #2 – Audio CD (Two Compact Disks)


2nd in a series of plays about stockbroker-turned-farmer, Walt Wingfield. Walt fights a condominium development that threatens the rural splendour of Persephone Township.. (Scroll down for a detailed description and features below)

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Product Description

In his second season on the farm Walt faces a new challenge. The spectre of urban development looms on the Seventh Concession and Walt sounds the alarm. Can he mobilize the neighbourhood to save the rustic splendour of Larkspur? Does Larkspur want to be saved? Wingfield’s Progress is the story of Walt’s passionate response to a threat only he perceives. Larkspur and its residents are back at their hilarious best in this sequel to Letter From Wingfield Farm. Recorded Live at The Grand Theatre, London, Ontario, April, 1989. (This is a 2-Disk audio. Running Time: 45:09-Disk 1, and 44:20-Disk 2).

Recorded Live At: The Grand Theatre, London, Ontario, April, 1989.   (This is a 2-Disk audio set)

Running Time: Approximately 45 Minutes – Disk 1, and 44 Minutes – Disk 2.

Series Order:  Play 2 of 7

Format: CD