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Wingfield’s Inferno – #6 – Audio CD (Two Compact Disks)


Sixth in a series of plays about stockbroker-turned-farmer Walt Wingfield features Baby Hope’s first word, a race horse that won’t wear a bridle and a scheme to rebuild the community hall in Larkspur.  (Scroll down for a detailed description and features below)

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Product Description

A devastating fire at the Orange Hall in Larkspur leaves it a smouldering ruin. Walt Wingfield leads the charge to get it rebuilt, but lighting a fire under his fellow committee members proves a daunting task. Is it courage they lack or is the devil in the details?

Recorded Live At: Thousand Islands Playhouse, Gananoque, Ontario, June, 2006.   (This is a 2-Disk audio set)

Running Time: Approximately 60 Minutes – Disk 1, and 49 Minutes – Disk 2.

Series Order:  Play 6 of 7

Format: CD