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Wingfield’s Folly – #3 – DVD Video (One DVD Disk)


Third in a series of plays about the stockbroker-turned-farmer, Walt Wingfield. Walt sets up a closed economy, prints his own currency and falls in love.  (Scroll down for a detailed description and features below)

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Product Description

In his third year on the farm, after two, profit-free seasons, Walt finally pinpoints the economic source of his problems and embarks on a course which brings him to his most profound crisis to date. In this sequel to Letter From Wingfield Farm and Wingfield’s Progress Walt sets up a closed economy with his neighbours, prints his own currency and falls in love.

Recorded Live At: The CBC Broadcast Centre, Toronto, Ontario, March 2001.  (This is a DVD video of the live performance)

Running Time: Approximately 117 Minutes.

Series Order:  Play 3 of 7

Format: DVD