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Wingfield On Ice – #5 – DVD Video (One DVD Disk)


Fifth in a series of plays about stockbroker-turned-farmer, Walt Wingfield. Walt’s efforts to settle old disputes between his neighbours are overtaken by the Great Persephone Ice Storm.  (Scroll down for a detailed description and features below)

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Product Description

As the first frosts come to Persephone Township, Walt and Maggie Wingfield are all set to welcome new life to the farm. She’s expecting and he’s nesting. But Walt is alarmed about the old feuds that divide the neighbours and disturb the tranquility of the community. His attempts to mend other people’s fences meet with a resistance as stiff and cold as the weather itself. And the biggest challenge to all of them is looming on the horizon.

Recorded Live At: Pie In The Sky Studio, Toronto, Ontario, December 2005.  (This is a DVD video of the live performance)

Running Time: Approximately 101 Minutes.

Series Order:  Play 5 of 7

Format: DVD